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VidCrop PRO 2.2

VidCrop PRO is a complete video cropper for various digital video formats
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VidCrop PRO is a professional video editing tool with video cropping capabilities. It accepts all common video files as input file, and output can be saved in various other formats. By cropping a video, user can zoom in to the desired frame and can focus on more important parts of the video frame. The user-friendly interface makes cropping very easy and simple for the user. VidCrop PRO is also capable of converting video files from one format to another, which helps in reducing the size of the files. User can also crop only a small part of the video by using this software so no extra video cutting tool is required.
VidCrop PRO provides many options for video and audio editing. User can set the frame size, format, quality and fragment rate for video and he can change the bit rate and frequency for the output audio. The preview option helps user to see how the video will look like after cropping. User can select a part of the video using the range bar and he can see a preview for the selected file part. It also enables dragging, so the user has to drag the selection region on the preview window to see the desired part of the frame.

Manoj Goel
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  • Provides two preview windows, one for normal and another for cropped file
  • User can crop any desired part of the video file
  • Supports all common video file formats
  • Many codec customizations available


  • Video preview is not in proper rotation while playing cropped file
  • Saving process of cropped file is slow
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